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Iceland mainly is a frozen food dealer. But Iceland stores also sell groceries. Malcolm Walker founded Iceland in 1969. Now Iceland comprises over 850 supermarkets. Iceland is sure that frozen food has many benefits and is the best choice of every housewife and cooker. Iceland deals only with approved vendors. Thus Iceland guarantees the top quality of its products. You can buy food for cooking along with ready meal and desserts.

Though Iceland is a big merchandiser, but it thinks not only about own interests, but also looks after clients’ interests. For example, Iceland is concerned about your health and gives useful pieces of advice as for food habits.
Iceland is not only talks but also works offering everything needed for a balanced diet. Also Iceland has bonus cards for its regular clients. Save money doing shopping. A practical peculiarity about Iceland is that they offer a free delivery of your purchases if you spend more than 20 pounds in one transaction. It is very convenient for those without a private car or if you need to do other duties.

But don’t be afraid if you have a car. There are enough parking lots near every Iceland supermarket. Iceland always has different promotions. Very often Iceland offers bigger packs for the same price. It is easy to find phone numbers, address, opening hours and reviews for Iceland’s branches on our website.

Iceland Opening times, Iceland Cheltenham, 62/66 Edinburgh Place

Store Iceland In Cheltenham, 62/66 Edinburgh Place

Iceland Opening times, Iceland Cheltenham, 79/83 High Street

Store Iceland In Cheltenham, 79/83 High Street